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Razlozi da nas posetite


In addition to the traditionally good Serbian hospitality, comfortable accommodation, tasty, local, organic food produced on the farm, rest in peace and quiet – here are a few reasons why you should visit us:


  • Farm position, the beauty of Sumadija – the so called Serbian Tuscany, monuments, churches and monasteries (Oplenac, Draca, Vracevsnica);
  • Historical, authentic complex of an old Serbian household under the state protection;
  • One of the oldest (preserved) fireplaces in Serbia (the beginning of 19th century);
  • Photo portrait of Milosav Radovanović – Cole (1865), one of the oldest preserved portraits in Serbia;
  • Numerous original museum exhibition items from the 19th century- letters, documents, Declarations of  Serbian kings, many trophies of Milisav Colovic, clothes items, advertisement leaflets from the early 20th century, rare furniture pieces from the end of the 19th century;
  • A monumental oil painting “Serbian Guernica” 240×180 cm painted by Jose Vasconcellos;
  • Exhibition of world famous cartoonists – “Balkan” as a permanent item in our gallery;
  • Preserved 6ha quince plantation;
  • The possibility of actively participating in the production of some of the products of the farm (quince and plum brandy, fruit jams, traditional meals, …);
  • Sport and recreation (swimming, a sauna, yoga, cycling, riding, walking).