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History, tradition, cultural heritage, but also a break in the luxurious ambiance of the 19th century.

Since 1806...


The House of Colovic is situated on the slopes of Rudnik, in Mala Vrbica village, in Sumadija area, the “heart” of Serbia. The House is located in the center of a 150-hectares-large estate that formerly belonged to the Colovic brothers; the House looks like a real hacienda and reminds us of the history of the Serbs, of a perfect, inseparable connection between the old architecture of the country and the one of the modern times.

The Colovic family was one of the oldest and most influential families in Sumadija from the early 19th century till the first half of the 20th century; a family that gave not only respectable persons, family men, Serbian soldiers fighting at the Thessaloniki Front, intellectuals, but also the famous sports players like Milisav Colovic, the eldest brother, who was a shooting sport champion during the years between the two World Wars.

Lines of old houses, residences, the objects of a  countryside household, dairies, barns, old beehives, new buildings can be found in one place occupying three circular farmyards. These houses present a unique historical and cultural monument of a particular Serbian family, since they had been kept in their original condition.

The most important is the so called Old House that was built after the First Serbian Uprising in the early 19th century. It has one of the oldest fireplaces in Serbia and thus the house was suggested to be proclaimed a museum, i.e. the state protected cultural monument by the Institute for the protection of cultural monuments in Kragujevac.

Two linden trees away you can see the so called New House (with the total residential area of 400m2) that was originally built in 1900 and restored in 2010. A unique mixture of different styles has resulted in an extraordinary place revealing 19th century original furniture items, important documents, trophies, unique objects, advertisement leaflets, rare photos as well as the modern kitchen and a patio overlooking the Old House.

One of the most valuable exhibition items stored in the New House is the photo of great-grandpa Colovic, taken by Anastas Jovanovic in 1865; there is a replica in the National Museum of Belgrade and it is considered to be one of the oldest preserved portraits in our country. The spectacular painting Serbian Guernica, the work of José Vasconcelos (the dimensions: 230cm x 140cm) was dedicated to Serbia and the Colovic Family.

The loft was converted into several modern loft apartments with a sauna, an art studio and convivial space.

In one part of the yard there is a Jacuzzi massage pool (9mx4,5m), equipped with Swimming against the Stream device. The gym too can be found in this part of the yard.

Many visitors, tourism and cultural and historical heritage experts consider this setting looks to be unique and without competition on the map of rural tourism in Serbia and for sure in Sumadija region.